My belly! (or not...)

pregnant belly

Still nada! Although I feel like something is definitely happening in there. Probably gas or water moving around but geesh, something sure is tumbling!

Again, I don't know how many weeks yet, but I'm gonna guess just over 10 weeks. I can't even say why I have that feeling. It's just a feeling. I also think she's a girl, as you can probably tell since I usually refer to her as "her" instead of "it." But knowing me, I will be wrong. I guess I will find out after 10 more weeks of using female pronouns
           --- A little insight on this.. I used one of those ancient Chinese tables to predict boy or girl and based on my age and month of conception, the Chinese seem to think she's a boy!



  1. LOL. This is too funny. I hope it's a girl for you though!


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