Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I'm 39 weeks pregnant!

Little Roo is the size of a baby watermelon!

How far along? 39 weeks.
Total weight gain? 26-27 lbs.
Belly size? A few days ago I measured 42 1/2 inches around!
Stretch marks? Same.
Baby's sex? Bouncing baby girl!
Size of baby? She should be fattening up a bit, but my belly measured between 35-36 weeks yesterday. So it hasn't changed in the past 2 weeks.
Movement? Lots of sudden movements... like it feels like she is karate kicking me! And lots of tinier movements down low (I think it's her little hands!)
What is your baby doing? She is still gaining weight in order to regulate her body temperature once she is born.
What is your body doing? Getting ready to give birth! I can feel a lot of changes happening that are contributing to my cervix ripening and baby getting in position.
Belly button in or out? Forever flat.
Happy or moody most of the time? Too excited!
Symptoms? Lots of cramping, contractions, pressure on my pelvis, shooting pains, and more frequent bathroom breaks.
Maternity clothes? No need for new ones at this point!
Sleep? Still fine.
Food cravings? Chocolate cake! And I definitely got some this week! Hehehe.
Anything make you feel queasy or sick? Nope.
Miss anything? No! I love being pregnant. :)
Looking forward to? Monday! I'm getting my last set of labs done, having a cervical exam, and getting my membranes swept!
Best moment this week? Being surprised at work with a card, cake, drawing, and Graco Pack 'n Play from my coworkers! Also, crafting up a wall decoration with baby's name to hang above her crib. I'll be finishing it tomorrow, it's so cute and I can't wait to show everyone!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Baby suprises at work & midwife appointment!

I could tell yesterday was no ordinary day when I arrived at work. One of my coworkers spotted me in the parking lot and immediately made a bee-line straight for me and followed me inside. I thought it was strange, but didn't say anything. Then as I walked in, everyone took turns stealing a glance at me as they all tried to pretend they were paying attention to their work. I awkwardly walked past everyone and half noticed a giant pink gift on one of the cafe tables, but really didn't think twice about it. As I passed I saw a Totoro drawing and got so excited. "That's for me!" I thought. I ran upstairs (as fast as a pregnant lady can run up stairs) to punch in and when I came down I had at least three people greet me right away. At this point I knew all eyes were on me and I was too embarrassed to approach the table with my gift!
I'm sure it took me almost a half an hour to walk over to the table. Everything was so cute! The cake that Sarah picked out looked amazing (and tastes even better than it looks!), Kerrie drew up a Ghibli picture which will soon have a place in baby's room, everyone in my department signed a card for me, and Rebecca purchased a gift on behalf of the team (they all pitched in for it). I didn't actually take a picture of the gift after I opened it but it's a Graco Pack 'n Play! Rebecca was especially excited when I let her know that I didn't already have one and the gift is definitely appreciated! I am so lucky to have such wonderful coworkers!!!! :)
I was totally craving chocolate cake just the night before so I was very excited when I saw the cake. The top layer is vanilla and the bottom is chocolate with chocolate chips. So delicious! (I literally just ate another piece!)

39 week appointment

(38 weeks, 6 days)
This week's appointment was unlike the last few weeks. No drama or surprises this time! Phew! Baby girl has a strong heartbeat and is sitting a little lower in my pelvis. Yay. Sundyna and I talked about the discomfort I've been having randomly and she was super excited about it. She basically said the more uncomfortable I am, the more things are happening that are getting my body and baby prepared for the birth. That is what I always think about when I get cramps or contractions. It is all in preparation for our first meeting and is so worth it! My next appointment with Sundyna is my 40 week appointment (39 weeks, 6 days). She is going to do a cervical exam to see where I'm at and do a membrane sweep as well. I will also have my last round of lab work done to get a final red blood cell count before delivery! She also suggested some cervical ripening and labor inducing techniques to try throughout the week to prepare for the membrane sweep so it will be most effective. I literally cannot wait!! I honestly hope baby stays all snuggly until next week. I really want her to come on Tuesday, but I know most babies aren't born on their due dates and I have a feeling that she will be arriving after her estimated due date. I'm actually scheduled at work until the 25th, so we'll see how far I make it!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

38 weeks & baby's sleeping arrangements.

This is the cutest thing ever! It is a sleep sheep that hangs on the outside of the end of the crib with velcro. It plays a variety of soothing sounds to help baby fall asleep, including sounds of the womb. I also added a few more pictures at the end of this post to give you a sneak peek into little roo's nursery.

38 week update.

Little Roo is the length of a leek!

How far along? 38 weeks.
Total weight gain? 26 lbs, I gained 1lb back from the 2lbs I lost last week!
Belly size? I didn't get to measure again.
Stretch marks? No new ones. Still lotioning up my itchy belly.
Baby's sex? Girl!
Size of baby? She was still measuring at 36 weeks during our appointment yesterday.
Movement? Still wiggling around at every chance she gets!
What is your baby doing? She now has a firm grasp and her organs have matured. She is ready to arrive any day now!
What is your body doing? Maintaining those Braxton Hicks contractions! My stomach is almost constantly hard from contractions and getting ready for my cervix to soften. Setting the stage for baby's arrival!
Belly button in or out? Of course it's still flat.
Happy or moody most of the time? Is "impatient" an option!? :)
Symptoms? I wish she would drop already! I've been having lots of contractions for the past two weeks. My midwife has actually felt them at our last 3 appointments when feeling my stomach. Sunday I had an uncomfortable episode while leaving work. I was getting cramps and my entire stomach was hard for the last 20 minutes of work. It was pretty uncomfortable to keep bending over so I was relived to be out of work soon. I noticed the pressure in my pelvis increasing on the way to my car and my hips were starting to hurt as well. However, sitting down was not what my body had in mind to deal with the increasing pressure and contractions. The ride home was not fun! At home I propped my feet up and drank a lot of water and the contractions stopped. Talk about false labor!
Maternity clothes? Planning on wearing the ones I got for the next few weeks.
Sleep? Same as always. I groan a little when I wake up to roll over, lol.
Food cravings? Nothing that I recall.
Anything make you feel queasy or sick? Nothing.
Miss anything? I can't think of anything right now.
Looking forward to? Meeting my little one, of course! I'm in no hurry though, I'd love for her to grow as much as she can in there and make her arrival when she is ready. I know it will be soon!
Best moment this week? Setting up most of Roo's nursery with my mom and washing baby's tiny clothes! I also finally ordered my breast pump!

A few goodies from roo's nursery!

Totoro (handmade by my mom!) is keeping baby's bassinet warm until she arrives.
I love it so much and can't wait to watch my little girl fall asleep in there.

My baby girl's crib for when she outgrows her bassinet! There is no mattress in it yet, but I'm not worried since we're using the bassinet for a while. I made a little set up to show off a few of the gifts I received at my baby shower (though all of the gifts were so lovely and thoughtful!).

Monday, April 7, 2014

So... I might not actually be GBS positive?!

For the third week in a row, the appointment with my midwife has caught me by surprise. This week offered several bits of (possibly) really great news.
A few weeks ago, Sundyna (my midwife) delivered the news that I tested positive for Group B Strep. If you read my blog post for that week, you know that I was less than pleased to hear this information. I really dreaded having to be given an IV during labor and didn't want to be put on a timer if my water broke before labor started. I admit, I was also pretty nervous about the increased risk of having to be induced and the cascade of interventions that could follow. This morning however, Sundyna informed me that a mistake was made. When I transferred my prenatal care to Dorchester House, the staff at Dedham Medical sent my patient file to Sundyna and included in that file was a positive diagnosis for Group B Strep based on a urine sample. When Sundyna first told me this, I thought it was a little strange that I was never given the diagnosis while I was still under the care of Dedham Medical, but was too focused on what this would mean for my delivery to question anything. It turns out, the diagnosis really was positive--but it wasn't mine. Sundyna had skimmed through my file to catch up on my patient history, but didn't realize that those test results weren't mine. Dedham Medical made a mistake and sent over a copy of a different patient's test results!! I may have gone through all of that stress and worrying for nothing! Anyway, she did a formal test this morning and I will get my results back later this week. So I may or may not be GBS+. On the one hand, I am relieved that those weren't my results and it's almost like I get a "second chance" to pass. On the other hand, I know there is still a chance that I could test positive and I will probably be a little let down again. But at least I will know what to expect and will be prepared for delivery with a positive diagnosis. I will be calling Sundyna on Thursday to get my results and will be (im)patiently waiting until then!

I also got some updated news regarding my consistently increasing anemia. When I first transferred to Sundyna's care she ordered lab work and my iron level was at 26, which was really concerning and put me at a higher risk of losing a lot of blood during delivery and also increased my chances of having to get a blood transfusion. She prescribed me a higher dose of iron and after just three weeks, my iron level went from, 26 to 29, which is exactly what she had hoped for. Every day that I take my supplement while baby is still in my belly increases the amount of red blood cells that we share and decreases any risks we have. It has already been one week since the blood work was done and there are still two more weeks before baby's estimated arrival. I just have a really good feeling that anemia won't even be a concern during my delivery.

Both of these are kind of up in the air still and could go either way, but I am really hopeful that everything will turn out for the best. I know I will have a happy and healthy baby either way, but being GBS+ and severely anemic are just making everything that much more stressful. Cross your fingers for me that I get a negative test result later this week and I'm going to continue to chug orange juice with my iron supplements!