Super nervous.

I'm literally frightened of my appointment on Friday. It is all I think about every single day. I keep thinking, 'what if my body and mind made all of this up and I'm not pregnant after all?' or worse, 'what if they can't find a heartbeat and I end up miscarrying?' And then I'm like, 'what if I'm more than twelve weeks and I haven't started taking any vitamins yet?' (this is highly unlikely, but I'm still worried since the baby's vital development stages are before this point). Ugh, I'm so stressed out!

Also, recently Ashton tells me that his dad is a twin. OMG hell no, that possibility cannot enter the mix. Two babies. Nope, it's just not happening.

Friday, please please come faster. I'm going crazy over here



  1. New Mommy don't stress don't worry always stay positive and happy. Love you lots.


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