First prenatal appointment!

11 weeks pregnant
down syndrome screening
We went in for our first OB appointment today. I was so super nervous and just wanted to know that my baby is healthy. I filled out some paperwork that I never received in the mail, but should have, then was brought in, weighed, and immediately gave a urine sample. After a short wait (although it felt like a century) the midwife came in and asked if I had any questions before she began. I said I didn't because all I could think about was seeing my baby with the ultrasound. She explained what we would do in the appointment and what to expect in the near future. I had some questions about weight gain and essential vitamins (I will elaborate more on these in another post). She went over the welcome packet and gave me a ton of info to take home and read through. And FINALLY, we were ready for the ultrasound. The moment I was waiting for!

My baby immediately popped up on the screen and was tumbling all over the place! She is so active and completely adorable already. Her feet were up in the air, she was rolling over, moving her head everywhere! We could see the little flutter in her chest that was her heart beating.♥ It took a couple of tries to get a clear picture to be printed. She estimated that my little sprout is just over 11 weeks and gave us a due date of April 22nd. Then she used a doppler to hear the baby's heart beat. The experience was so amazing. We could hear it right away but since she was so active we lost it and couldn't find it again. But I was so happy to hear it for that short time, I was literally brought to tears. For the first time, I felt like something magical was happening inside of me. She gave us the printed pictures and gave us a few minutes alone in the room.

I had to give another urine sample on the way out and then we headed across the hall to the lab for blood tests. The lab tech, Margarita, made it quite an interesting experience! At the end she gave me a pink band aid and some (quite sugary) apple cranberry juice. Finally we headed back to reception and made an appointment next week for a Serial Sequential screening (for Down Syndrome) and then we were on our way! The OB part was about an hour and the lab part was about 15 minutes. Including wait times we were there for probably an hour and a half.

When I got home I immediately took a picture of the ultrasound picture and sent it to Desiree. She was sooo excited too! I'm so glad. Now all I can think about is telling my mom. I am so nervous but dying to know her reaction and just want to share everything with her too.



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