Grandma couldn't be happier!

Ashton and I drove to my mom's house after I got out of work earlier to tell her the news. I was so nervous, I began by buttering her up via free cat food samples from work and homemade pumpkin muffins. I finally told her I had a picture taken a few days ago (the ultrasound pic) and put it in a card. She read it out loud, burst into tears (of joy!), and hid her face so no one could see her cry. It was such a fun moment for me. I was so excited to see my mom that happy. She began rambling about babysitting and buying a crib and everything baby related. She is so psyched to be a grandma! I'm so glad she now knows so I won't feel bad telling other people before her. At the same time, it is also fun walking around thinking "no one knows there is a tiny person inside of me right now." It is like my own little secret that I can amuse myself with, especially at work. But I am so so excited that I don't want to keep it a secret at all. It's all I want to talk about!



  1. OMG talk about happy I couldn't be more happier. I have wanted to be a grandma for a long time.. Wooop wooop. Everyday I think of my grandbaby and it brings tears to my eyes, tears of JOY of course. Of course I could not keep it a secret, she shouldn't be a secret. I private messaged a few maybe more then a few peeps on facebook and text a few peeps as well as told some in person. I just want to yell it from the roof tops that I am a GRANDMOTHER. I am so excited about going baby shopping, I don't want to spoil her or get unnecessary things, well maybe I do want to spoil her well no maybe about it I WILL SPOIL HER..Pete is talking about all the things he wants to get for her as well. One thing that is so unbelievable is that one of my girls is going to be a mommy. I couldn't be happier....


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