Lab results.

I got my lab results back this morning. I was happy to see that my folate and B12 levels are exactly on track. However, my red blood cell count is unfortunately low, which means I am anemic and my organs aren't getting the oxygen that they require. I haven't spoken with my doctor yet, but I am guessing this is due to an iron deficiency (iron helps in the production of red blood cells) or vitamin c deficiency (vitamin c helps with the absorption of iron). While I am waiting to hear back from my doctor I am currently increasing my iron and vitamin c intake, just in case. Hopefully everything will turn out alright eventually.

To be honest, I am a little worried, but I am also fairly confident that I can manage mine and my baby's health through a well-balanced diet and not have to resort to pills or medicine of any kind. I'm hoping to keep my entire pregnancy all natural.



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