12 week update!

pregnant belly

Sprout is the size of a lime this week!!

How far along? 12 weeks
Total weight gain? maybe a pound or two at most? I'm still teeny for now!
Belly size? 31 inches
Stretch marks? none yet!
Baby's sex? too soon to tell
Size of baby? I've only had one prenatal appointment, so maybe we will find out at the next one?
Movement? none yet :(
What is your baby doing? Baby's eyes and ears are moving closer to their final position and her intestines are growing so fast! Her kidneys can secrete urine and her nervous system is continuing to mature. She is also developing more complex reflexes, such as sucking and wincing.
What is your body doing? my uterus is growing (making me feel bloated) and my skin is changing (dark spots, acne)
Belly button in or out? in
Happy or moody most of the time? Lol, both. Always happy when I think about baby though.
Symptoms? acne this week! Ugh! shortness of breath. lots of burping.
Maternity clothes? no need yet, phew!
Sleep? I get up to pee once in a while. So far, so good though.
Food cravings? ice cream. bread & butter pickles.
Anything make you feel queasy or sick? the smell of rotisserie chickens and turkey from the deli at work. bleh.
Miss anything? not that I recall.
Looking forward to? finding out the baby's sex, feeling her first kick. Seems like I have to wait forever for those to happen!
Best moment this week? seeing my baby and hearing her heartbeat for the first time. Easily one of the best moments of my entire life!



  1. CLOTHES!! Lets go shopping! This will be fun, I want to go with you and get some fab stuff not fugly frumpy preggo clothes. ewwww.
    Love You!!!

  2. I actually have some bras that are too big for me now, I could give you those because your boobs might pop out too!!

  3. Desiree you are so cute and funny hunnny i love you so much. you are a terrific sister and will be a super auntie


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