OB appointment #3 & 19 week update!

I decided to do two posts in one here, my OB appointment on Monday and my weekly update that should have been done on Tuesday, oops! (Thanksgiving kinda took my attention away from my blog!)

After our anatomy scan on Wednesday, I was super super happy and thought nothing could ruin my mood or bring me down, even the slightest. That changed, however, when I stopped feeling the baby move on Friday. I usually feel her move at least once a day. Saturday and Sunday came and went and still no movement. I told Ashton Saturday night that I hadn't felt her and I went to bed with a sinking feeling in my stomach. Sunday morning getting ready for work was terrible. I laid in bed pushing on my tummy and it felt like there was nothing in there. I was so sad that I couldn't help but cry and work was the last place I felt like going. I really tried taking my mind off of it at work, but I just couldn't lift myself up. I cried again in the bathroom before I left work and just couldn't wait to go home and lay down and be alone. I was glad to have an OB appt on Monday so I could hopefully hear her heartbeat.

I was so ready to go into my OB appointment crying and telling her the baby wasn't moving anymore, but to my surprise, baby starting tumbling around on the car ride to the appointment! I should have known, since she is always moving around on our way to appointments. I still told my midwife of my concern and she was surprised that no one told me that the placenta is actually at the front of my abdomen where movement is usually felt, so it won't be uncommon for me to not feel movement every day, at least for a few more weeks until the baby is bigger and stronger. I was so relieved! I think she wanted to reassure me, because she let us listen to baby's heartbeat for extra long this time. It was also really neat that we could hear both of our hearts beating at the same time. Hers was so loud and fast and mine was slower and faded in the background. I really liked hearing them together and was so glad that she is perfectly healthy. My midwife also briefly went over numbers from the anatomy scan and told us again that everything is in perfect ranges and she is growing and developing at a healthy rate. Once again, I couldn't have been happier! They can't officially change the expected due date this late, but I noticed on the paperwork that the anatomy scan suggested a due date of April 19th instead of April 22nd. It's not really important since the baby can be born plus or minus two weeks of a due date anyway and still be considered "on time", but it is interesting to take note of!

I was also asked for the sixth time, I think, if I wanted a flu shot. The nurse that takes my vitals before each appointment and my midwife and doctor all ask at every appointment. I know they are just doing their jobs, but it has to be in my file that I have declined so many times already! This prompted Ashton to voice his dislike for our OB doctor because of how she treated us in the appointment we had with her, and Elizabeth said it was totally fine to switch doctors or schedule more appointments with her, rather than the doctor. So we set up our next two appointments, one in December with Elizabeth again and one in January with a new OB doctor. :)

+++ 19 WEEK UPDATE +++
pregnant belly

Sprout is the size of a large heirloom tomato this week!!

How far along? 19 weeks
Total weight gain? 7 pounds
Belly size? 34 inches
Stretch marks? None!
Baby's sex? A beautiful baby girl! ♥
Size of baby? Just shy of 7 inches!
Movement? I got really upset this weekend because I wasn't able to feel her moving at all. I usually only feel her moving once or twice a day, but hadn't felt anything from Friday until Monday morning. Finally on the way to my OB appointment on Monday morning I felt her tumbling around. She LOVES car rides; she is always kicking around when we are in the car for more than 15 minutes.
What is your baby doing? Her hair is beginning to sprout and her brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch. She can hear our voices now, so daddy is going to have to start telling her stories and singing to her. :)
What is your body doing? My abdomen is starting to ache because of how fast baby is growing these past few weeks! I'm going to get big really fast!
Belly button in or out? Still in.
Happy or moody most of the time? Always cheery!
Symptoms? Becoming light-headed easily, lower tummy aches from stretching, body acne (ugh!) on my back and chest, and I was a little forgetful at times this week . . . teehehe, oops.
Maternity clothes? Still in my regular jeans, but I have noticed a few shirts are getting too short to cover my tummy!
Sleep? Much better since my cold has been gone a little over a week now. I still don't have to get up in the middle of the night to pee yet.
Food cravings? Cupcakes! Which I totally got to have after we found out baby is a girl! We went home and immediately made cupcakes that night, and they were soo yummy! I'm so glad the 12 of them lasted us 7 days, I was afraid I was going to eat them all at once! LOL
Anything make you feel queasy or sick? Not at all.
Miss anything? Laying on my tummy for back rubs. Although I can still get away with it if I put two pillows under my chest, so my belly doesn't get squished!
Looking forward to? Picking out names! We have talked about it a little and look at lists of names online, but nothing has totally jumped out at us. I am really falling for one of the names that Ashton mentioned recently. Not revealing any name ideas yet though!
Best moment this week? Getting through the weekend and finally feeling baby move on Monday. I don't think I was terribly worried that something was wrong, I was sad more than anything. I actually cried about it twice. :(    --- Aww, she is trying to make me feel better by rolling around right now, hehehe. I love her.



  1. awww the exact same thing happened to me my little bean didnt move for nearly a week. was the most painful time for me. so worrying can you imagine how we will be once they are born haha xx


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