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Ashton and I went in for the ultrasound and lab work for the Serial Sequential screening today! The ultrasound was SO MUCH FUN. They took some measurements of the baby for the screening and then we got to watch her tumbling around in 3D! She is 64 mm from head to bum (just over 2 inches!), and her heart is beating at 167 bpm. It was funny that she was behaving perfectly when measurements needed to be taken, the technician was so surprised she was in the ideal position and got her measurements right away because she was expecting it to take 45 minutes just to find a good position. As soon as the technician was done with measurements, she switched it to 3D and baby sure put on a show for us! We got to watch her doing her thing and got some cute pictures out of it as well. Apparently there is a live feed of the ultrasound in another room and when the tech left and came back she told us how all the doctors in the other room were saying how beautiful our baby is.

She is so amazing already. ♡



  1. Of course she is beautiful just look at her parents...I am so amazingly happy for you both. I know you already figured that out. Love you lots looking forward to the next post. Tell her gramma loves her very much and can't wait to meet her and I will try to control the tears all the time..Danielle you will have to warn her about gramma and all her tears because you and your sisters went thru it all growing up. But I bet you will be the same way with your daughter or son. Just can't help it. Much love

  2. Love all these pictures, too cute! Little hands! <3<3<3


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