Newest symptoms.

ance lotion

#1: Acne. My face has been breaking out so much lately! And I get random breakouts on my chest and a few on my neck. Ugh, so annoying! However, I have been using this Yes to Tomatoes Acne Lotion after I get out of the shower to help with the breakouts and keep my face from getting too dry. I love the way it goes on too, because it's really light and glides on smoothly and doesn't leave my hands greasy. So hopefully these tomatoes keep my skin under control!

#2: Hair. I am growing so much more hair on my stomach than I ever have before! Haha I had not heard of that happening until I googled it. I think it's pretty funny though. And the hair on my head gets oily way easier now. And the hair on my legs grows faster. Those parts I do not like. :(

#3: Growing pains. It is the weirdest feeling and so hard to explain, but I can literally feel my uterus growing to make room for the baby. At times it feels like I am super full like I just ate a huge meal, even if I haven't eaten anything in a few hours. Other times it is a tugging sensation like something in my abdomen is stretching and expanding. Sometimes it is accompanied by little cramps, nothing major. But after feeling like that all day, it leaves me exhausted! I love it though. I'm so glad she is sprouting at a healthy rate and that I can provide a safe home for her in my little tummy.♥



  1. These are some interesting symptoms. Weird how your body changes like this, hopefully they don't stick around for too long. I want to try that Tomato Lotion, I've seen the line for these products at the store but haven't bought one yet, now I know it works, thanks!

  2. You say little tummy now but not for long hunny..


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