13 week update!

baby bump

Sprout is the length of a peapod this week!

How far along? 13 weeks
Total weight gain? none since last week!
Belly size? a few millimeters over last week's 31 inches
Stretch marks? none! still rubbing my tummy with Earth Mama's gift :)
Baby's sex? still too soon.
Size of baby? last Thursday's appointment was 64mm. preggo websites tell me she should be an inch bigger than last week now!
Movement? too soon for that too.
What is your baby doing? She now has one of a kind fingerprints on her tiny fingertips! Her veins and organs are developing, and the size of her body is catching up to her head, which is now only 1/3 the size of her entire being (compared to 1/2 last week).
What is your body doing? getting used to having a baby in there, which dramatically decreases the chance of a miscarriage, and allows symptoms to subside as my energy rises.
Belly button in or out? in
Happy or moody most of the time? Um, still both I think. I have been super happy at work lately. Maybe it's because I am telling more people the news!
Symptoms? still acne. :( i'm fighting it though! and giant boobs, ugh.
Maternity clothes? none
Sleep? pretty decent. i don't think I've gotten up to pee this week!
Food cravings? still ice cream. but at least it's only a craving and I haven't been eating it as much as I am craving it, haha. also grapes, raspberries abd strawberries. Mmm.
Anything make you feel queasy or sick? only some really raunchy already-gone-bad raw chicken a woman brought in to return yesterday. gross.
Miss anything? still nothing yet.
Looking forward to? my next appointment on the 24th. I love seeing her every chance I get! :)
Best moment this week? getting a ton more energy (even though I didn't really feel that drained to begin with). my second trimester beginning next week! OMG!



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