Sprout's kawaii journal.

pregnancy journalbaby journal

Got this totally cute kawaii journal in the mail yesterday! I picked a mint color over the peach or light blue ones since I don't really want a typical boy or girl color. And minty green is refreshing. :) I'm going to use it to write to baby all the time and keep track of her appointments.

pregnancy diary
baby diary

I'll probably use this page to write down baby's monthly milestones so I can see them all in one spot.

And this is perfect for mapping out monthly plans, create to-do lists, or write reminders.
pregnancy planner

Here I can write every day if I want to my newly sprouting baby.
pregnancy organizer

At the end there are open memo pages to write longer entries.

All of the pages have such cute little graphics, I'm so in love with it already!

I love that the whole journal is undated so I can fill in the month and dates myself and it's perfectly okay starting it in October as opposed to starting with January and having January-September being a waste of space! Even though I only have 7 months of my pregnancy to write though, I'm glad this journal is a year so I can keep writing up until baby is 5 months old.

OMG I'm so excited. I filled in months and dates already and I'm writing in my appointments and I taped an ultrasound picture on my October page!!! ♥



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