I don't like my OB doctor :(

Disclaimer about this post: The third and largest paragraph is really just me ranting about being forced into the consumerism of modern medicine and my personal beliefs about my lifestyle and why I don't want to get the flu shot. If you're reading to follow my pregnancy, I'm sure you'll only find the first two paragraphs and the end ones relevant and you can skip that giant rant in the middle.

I was so excited to go to my next OB appointment, and was really sad when it got pushed back 4 days. My appointment did not go at all like I thought it would. We were in the waiting room for a little while as usual, but as soon as we were in the room and the doctor came in, the appointment was less than 10 minutes. I was somehow convinced she would do an ultrasound and that there would be a possibility of checking for the baby's sex. But nope. She shook my hand and sat down at her computer and typed some things while asking me questions, but she wasn't even looking at me. I felt like she harassed me about not wanting to get a flu shot, then said I should take an iron supplement since my last blood test showed I am slightly anemic. Then she had me lay down so we could hear the baby's heartbeat. We heard it for about 5 seconds before she determined that it was healthy and we were done. She handed me a paper to make an 18 week ultrasound examination appointment and left the room. I have never been happier to get out of a doctor's office in my life!

I felt so unimportant in that appointment. Now, I know not everything revolves around me, but in MY appointment for MY baby, I feel like it should! I was so put off by her, that I really don't want to see her again. I scheduled my next appointment with my midwife and am so happy about that! I was first annoyed when she noted that I am mildly anemic and gave me a list of things to eat, starting with red meat. When she found out that I don't eat meat, she automatically said I should take an iron supplement, no questions asked. Same thing with the flu shot. She asked why I didn't want one and I already knew it wasn't going to matter what I said to her, so I gave her a half-assed answer and said I have never gotten the flu or a flu shot, so I didn't want one now. She basically said that was the most ridiculous reason she's ever heard. Way to try to make me feel like an idiot. Actually, I was thinking the same thing about her.

Why do doctors assume people are stupid and can't take care of themselves? Why do doctors assume that a pill, a man made chemical, a lab-produced solution is the best way to fix a problem? Medicine always has side affects in human bodies. Our bodies are made of natural components and putting unnatural elements in our bodies challenges those components. Becoming vegan has been the most amazing experience of my life. I find that it is a way to cleanse my body by not putting unnecessary toxins into it. I eat a nutrient-rich, plant based diet, I don't buy or consume anything (food and nonfood items) made from animal byproducts and I do not take medicine (besides herbal remedies) if I can avoid it. And you know what? I also, have never felt healthier, or cleaner, or more connected with my body. Plants, grains, nuts and seeds have all of the essential nutrients that human bodies need to not only survive, but to thrive. So just because I don't eat red meat, doesn't mean I need an iron supplement. I was extremely offended that she would even jump to that conclusion without asking about my diet or even suggesting a healthier diet. I was immediately under the impression that she is one of those doctors that is on the side of the money-making pharmaceutical companies and not on the side of her patient's health. And way to be all "I am a doctor, I know best" by trying to scare me into getting a flu shot. I've done research, I know the flu shot, just like any other vaccine, has potential side effects. I know that thimerosal is a common ingredient in most flu vaccines; an ingredient which has not yet been proven to be safe for pregnant women (sorry but I don't want to be a part of that experiment!). I know that pregnant women are given a vaccine that does not contain a live virus. The vaccine is meant to help the mother's body produce antibodies against the virus, antibodies that can be passed to the baby as well. But there are natural ways for a body to fight a virus (a healthy diet- rich in vitamin c, magnesium, zinc and lots of protein, adequate sleep- 7-9 hours, daily exercise- at least 30 mins, eliminating stress- meditation or yoga, etc.) I also know that there is a possibility of still getting the flu, even if I do have a flu shot. CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) basically picks which strains of the virus to include in a vaccine for any given year. If I am exposed to a strain of the virus that is not included in the vaccine, I can still contract the flu. Lastly, almost all flu vaccines have egg protein in them, which is not considered vegan since it is an animal byproduct. So there you go Dr. Diaz, I am NOT getting a flu shot.

Anyway, I was not intending to rant on about my doctor or the flu vaccine, I just got so worked up I literally couldn't stop typing! I know I am only twenty-five, and no I have not been pregnant during flu season before, but I am not stupid and these are MY choices for MY body and MY baby. I believe that my body is designed to keep me healthy naturally, and I will do all I can to promote that. Of course, if I do get the flu I will also do everything I can to get better as quickly as possible, but I will jump that hurdle if I get to it. Again, I just want to say that these are my choices based on my opinions and beliefs and I am not trying to force anyone to believe the way that I do. If you already do, that is great for you, but I think everyone should do what they believe is best for them and not be forced to do anything with their bodies that they are not comfortable with.

Lastly, on a much lighter and happier note, Ashton was super sneaky and got to record a few seconds of the baby's heartbeat!! I wish he was home so I could listen to it right now and forget about my OB doctor. I will just happily rub my tummy in the meantime. :)



  1. Oh my gosh that is cool that Ashton recorded the babys heartbeat. How exciting..I am so proud of you hunnypie....love you lots. Tell my little sugarbaby that gramma says hi and love her very much..


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