Trimester one recap!!!

My whole first trimester is gone? Seriously? I feel like I've been pregnant for less than a month! Well, I guess I did only find out just over a month ago and I only fully believed it 3 weeks ago. I'm not complaining though! It was kind of a blessing finding out late because I am already so excited for my little one to arrive that if I had to wait those 2 extra months it would have been so painful!! My pregnancy has been a breeze thus far, but I'm sure the worst has yet to come and I will definitely be complaining then! Eeeek!

Here is a list of symptoms that I have encountered throughout my first trimester. It might seem like a lot, but like I said, none of them beside my sore boobs were really that annoying.
Symptoms: breast tenderness, easily and often tired (but not overly exhausted), leg cramps at night, shortness of breath, only slight nausea (no vomiting), bloating, burping, changes in mood, acne (face, chest, neck, back), hair growth and texture, giant boobs (why do they feel so big already?! ---and no Ashton, you still can't touch them. lol), dry skin, and waking up when I have to roll over at night (it seems like such a process!).

So let's get to some highs and lows. Of course I will start with the lows since it only makes sense to end on a high note!
Lows: Being so angry and scared when I first found out. I totally regret that. Obviously I can't control my first reaction and it was completely natural, but thinking back to it, it was so unnecessary to worry at all. I know everything is going to be more than fine, I have so much love and support behind me, and I have plenty of resources for the millions of questions that are inevitably going to come up at one point or another!
Another low is being so damn bratty! My mood swings are terrible, I can literally be happy one minute and then not want to talk to or see anyone the next minute. And then when I feel so anti-social it actually makes me want to cry. I have NOT cried in public yet-- we will see how long that lasts.
I also feel like I am being such a pain for Ashton. He would never admit it, even if I was being the biggest pain in his ass at points, but I feel like I am being so terrible around him sometimes! :(
Highs: I love every OB appointment because I get to see my baby and hear her heartbeat. It makes everything so real and I feel perfectly at ease just watching her roll around in there. The past 2 weeks have left me feeling slightly empty since most of my symptoms are gone. I am less bloated, so I feel like my stomach is smaller and I barely feel pregnant! That makes me miss baby even more and look forward to our appointments even more.
Telling our family and friends. I was so happy for my family to all have wonderful reactions, and most of my friends as well. Sprout has the most excited grandma already and so many are anticipating her arrival. While Ashton and I are in a tough spot right now, we are totally going to work through everything to be prepared for April. I'm so happy to be finding a place together and planning everything for the baby. :D
My blog and sprout's journal. I love posting new things for people to read and getting comments on them. I also love writing to baby in her journal when I have the time. It's such a cute journal and it's great to keep everything in there. Hopefully baby will see it someday. :)
Pinterest. I have started a few baby-related boards and pin everything cute I can find. I'm trying not to become an addict, but I am getting so excited for baby's arrival that I just think everything is so darn cute and have to pin all the cuteness I find!
Starting our registry. While I prefer our baby items to all be organic, I feel like it can't be helped if some things aren't. We ended up going to Babies R Us and scanning 84 (I think?!) items and we were only halfway through the store! I was having so much fun, but was trying to limit what I scanned, meanwhile Ashton wanted to scan pretty much everything in sight!

Overall, I haven't really felt that pregnant (which is probably why I had no clue about it when I was at the doctor's and he surprised me with the news at 9 1/2 weeks!). Yes, I have been tired, but I have also been working extra hours and trying to get in 6 days a week when I can. Yes, I have been hungry, but I have been expending more energy running around at work so it's not out of the ordinary. I have felt only slightly nauseous, but it was so slight that I thought it happened when I wasn't eating enough. Not once have I actually gotten sick (just wait until my 3rd trimester, right?) No, I did not have a regular period in August, but I did spot and I have had irregular periods before. The single symptom that has been consistent throughout this entire trimester is having sore boobs. I remember in the beginning rolling over in the middle of the night would wake me up simply because of the weight on my chest was shifting. Those suckers hurt so bad! I remember thinking it sucked but that it would probably go away soon so I would just ride it out. I had no idea my body was preparing itself for breastfeeding!! Going in to my second trimester, I feel so light and happy, almost like I have dealt with so much already and a weight has been lifted. I'm not sure why I feel that way, but I really just feel like everything is going smoothly and is pretty, dare I say, easy right now. I am so looking forward to the rest of this journey, so let's bring on trimester #2!!



  1. Hey Danielle !

    I'm glad I found your blog ! You and I had a similar reaction when we found out we were pregnant ! lol

    I'll be coming back to check on you for sure ! :-) Happy pregnancy !

  2. Hey hunny you are going to experience so many wonderful changes and feelings thru your pregnancy. You will also understand why I got so teared up when you and your sisters were growing up and did things even if you didn't think they were special I/MOM always did and still do. I bet you have already teared up a few times because of your little sprout. I guarantee it won't be your last. I love you so much and you are going to be a super wonderful Mommy. And Ashton/sugarplum...don't touch the boobs....OUCH! love you 3 very much...


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