Why I've Been Gone.

When I first started my blog, I was both excited and nervous to be pregnant. I didn’t have any friends who were pregnant and it’s quite difficult to have a relatable conversation with anyone who hadn’t had the experience of growing a tiny human inside of them for nine months. So I turned to the internet. I ended up joining an online community and began participating in a birth club, with other women who had babies due during the same month as Liana. I began following blogs of other women my age who were also pregnant and sharing their journeys. I realized that what was happening inside my body was amazing and I wanted to share it with everyone.
At that point, my blog really came to life and I was happy to share any details of my pregnancy journey with whoever wanted to listen. I shared my link with family and friends and used it as a tool to connect with them and keep them updated. As it turns out, many other people besides family and friends became interested and began reading as well.

Soon Liana was born, and I was on cloud nine. I was sure to update whenever I could and made special posts for her monthly milestones. My blog even spilled over into the realm of facebook and a page was created, dedicated to my blog and to Liana. She was the star of the show (and rightfully so!).

Everything was going well up until the New Year. Then something changed. I honestly can’t pin point one moment or one event that occurred, but I slowly became unmotivated and disinterested. I loved my blog and loved posting about Liana and having the ability to look back on special moments, but I just wasn’t motivated enough to keep up with it. A vicious cycle began: I would think about posting and would even come up with a new topic to share, become disinterested and let the moment pass by, then become disappointed in myself for not updating and letting my blog grow stale. It eventually began to feel like a distant memory.

I’ve recently had to remind myself of what my blog really means. It is my diary, my memories, my life. It is my online scrapbook of Liana’s existence. She is only fifteen months old, and although my blog has missed almost six months of her life, I am now feeling compelled to continue. I am unaware of the origin of this newfound spark of motivation, but I am so thankful.

I have a lot to update you on from the past few months, so expect several posts very soon.

Thank you to everyone who is still reading!



  1. WOOOHOOOO about time. I know it is very time consuming with a PERFECT SWEET ADORABLE BABY. I am so siked you are starting this up again. LOVE

  2. I took a break for a while and then dived right into a 7 day blogging challenge maybe a challenge like a writers prompt might help you out to get you going again. I have been blogging for 3 years now it has been so much fun but also a lot of work. I am taking a break for a week and going to a speakers conference. I'm totally going to blog about my experience along the way.

    1. I'm too afraid of committing to a blog challenge because Blogmas is a part of why I stopped blogging at the beginning of this year. I post about twice a week, but decided it would be fun to post every day in December; I guess it was the cool blogger thing to do. I had a hard time keeping up and was finding my own posts uninteresting and lost motivation to write anything else. :( For now, I am happy with my 2-3 posts per week until I can get into a routine. But thank you for the suggestion amd thank you for stopping by! I'I'll be sure to check out your blog soon!


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