We're Back!! And Liana has a new baby cousin!

I must apologize for the long leave of absence from updating my blog. We've been going through some changes and things have been seeming even more chaotic! In January I was a bit relieved that the holidays were over and just wanted to rest up. When I was ready to post about our Christmas I realized I had left my hard drive with all of my pictures on it in New Hampshire at my Mom's. I finally have it back though so I'll be going through those.

In recent news, I started a new job about a month ago. With the new year rolling in, Liana's first birthday being just around the corner, and my strong desire to give Liana a baby brother or sister to play with, I decided everything must be in order! (Or rather, Ashton gave me a good bonk on the head to snap me into the reality of our situation and what was and wasn't feasible at the time). So here's to taking steps in the right direction!


And in the most recent and best news of all, I am officially an AUNTIE!! Bronson Matias was born on the morning of March 9th, weighing in at 5 lb, 4 oz! What a little peanut! Here he is less than two hours old.

He's the most beautiful baby boy I've ever seen, and he already looks like both of his parents. We spent two days up in New Hampshire to visit him at the hospital and a take some pictures. I can't wait to see him again. The thought of eventually seeing him and Liana play together truly warms my heart.



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