Filling in the details.

In my last post I said that I was unsure of where this motivational spark to resume blogging came from. What was I thinking? Of course I know! That spark came from the eyes of my child; the tiny person who depends on me, lights up when she sees me, and calls me Mama (when she’s not calling everyone and everything Dada). I take one look at her and see how beautiful life is. I want to make it a point to share some of these special moments on my blog as I fill in some of the details that were missed.

Not the best moment to remember, but this was a sad day back in March when Liana caught a virus and was sick for a few days. All she wanted to do was sleep in her Mum’s arms (fine by me!). We had to keep a cold cloth on her head to help her fever.

We had Abel around Easter and I hid some coin-filled plastic eggs around the house for him. He was so excited to fill up his tootsie roll bank because he wants to go to Disney world.

The kids playing with their Easter present. Bubbles!!

We took an impromptu family trip to Uxbridge (where some of Ashton’s family lives) to fix his motorcycle that broke down while he was there. He wasn’t able to fix the bike, but I managed to get a picture of Liana in this cute John Deere tractor!

And, well, she wanted wings. (don’t worry, it’s empty)

I am so sad to have missed Mother’s Day on my blog because I know I would have had lots of lovey-gushy stuff to talk about. Here’s my best girl and I on my special day.

We’ve recently discovered a playground at a nearby school that we can bring the kids to. Abel met a boy who excitedly agreed to play Mario and Luigi with him and Liana ruined the fun by being Baby Peach and scaring them out of the castle! The slide is Liana’s favorite part of the playground, probably because they don’t have a swing her size.

Liana playing in the pool for the first time while visiting Grammy. I honestly don’t know how she could play in that cold hose water!

Last weekend the two of us decided to have a breakfast picnic to let Daddy sleep longer (he’s a sleepy head on the weekends).

 Stay tuned for a big update on Monday; Liana will be 15 months old!



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE reading about and see photos of my sweets.....

  2. I wish I had started blogging before Bella started school. I have so many photos and pictures from Bella's birth that I have to still print and put up on my walls. I have only started blogging 3 years ago and my daughter is 8 so 5 years of her life isn't up writting some where I totally should have done it though. It would have been nice to show her how far she's come along since Birth we were just too busy with life and trying to make ends meet. Now things are stable we are having a blast blogging together. Bella likes to make youtube videos. Has a blast helping me with some product reviews. have fun with blogging and cheerish your time with the family.

    1. Hi Amanda!
      What really got me into blogging was finding comfort in reading the stories of other moms-to-be through their blogs. I never would have started my own if it wasn't for that inspiration. And now I am so glad that I did because I love being able to go back and reminisce over old posts. Maybe you can start a Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday and once a week write about a fun or learning moment you had with your daughter in her early years. That would be really cute mixed in with your current stuff! xx


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