My Little Minion ♥

Liana just didn't want to sit still for any of these photos! She kept crawling across the floor into my lap (the woes of a baby becoming mobile). Her Grammy made this hat and scarf set especially for her and she won't even let me take a proper photo to show them off! She is such a little cutie, and looks absolutely adorable in her minion attire. She was also getting very sneaky, pulling herself up to stand next to the table... I think she was trying to get into something up there. I don't think you can tell too well, but there is a cute pink bow in the hair of the minion. And my mom made the scarf without any pattern at all! She's so talented. Liana looks forward to many more hats to model from Grammy's collection. :)



  1. These pics of her are really cute! Xoxo

  2. AWWWWW this is the first I seen these, she is the cutest minion ever. Love her so much. Grammy loves loves loves making her PERFECT sweetie things. Shes the cutest model ever.


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