Throwback Thursday: Birthday at the beach with the Hernandez sisters!

The three Hernandez sisters! For those unaware, I am on the left, Desiree is in the middle, and Deasha on the right.

This photo was taken on Desiree's 21st birthday, so that makes it... May 6, 2008? I remember this day so well. Desiree really wanted to go to the beach for her birthday, and we were determined to get an early start. Of course we didn't, because we all took forever getting ready. We eventually headed to Hampton Beach (which is a good hour drive at least) and I remember it being quite a warm day for early May. It took us a bit to find parking, but we managed to get a pretty decent spot. After soaking up the sun on the beach, we contemplated cruising on the boardwalk before heading home. Whatever we decided, we went to the car to drop off our towels, which is when we realized Desiree had locked her keys in the car! A hilarious moment, but at the time we were unsure of what to do. We called Mom and she told us to call the police. The police came and we had to pay for them to basically break into Desiree's car. We were so embarrassed (and probably very annoyed) at the time, but we had a laugh about it on the way home.

With the digital world becoming so popular, I'm afraid we are leaving the days of print behind us. This is one of the last pictures that I actually got printed from developing an actual roll of film! I will cherish this for a long time. I love and miss my sisters daily.



  1. I love you too! Thanks for sharing this story. What a day.

  2. HAHHAHAHA my girls are so funny and very very'em around the world and back again and bigger then the universe forever and always.


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