Dani and Ani have a spa day!!

Liana and I decided to have a bit of a homemade spa day and pamper ourselves today. We slept in until 10am (after her initial wake and feed at 7am), then Liana ate while I multi-tasked and researched school options online.

Then around noon we took a shower and I used her California Baby calming wash. She was so relaxed, she fell right asleep in her sweet little owl towel! Her brief nap allowed me time to moisturize myself, get dressed, throw up my hair, and pick out her clothes.

Next I decided to massage my little princess awake. I put her on her tummy and rubbed her California Baby lotion on her back and cute little bum cheeks, hehe. She didn't really wake up too much until I rolled her over and did her tummy and put her diaper on her and got her dressed. Of course by that time she was ready for lunch, so I fed her and put her down so I could clean up a bit and get some granola and blueberries for myself. Yum!

Not too much later Ani was ready for another nap, so I let her sleep on the couch while I painted my nails, did a bit of makeup, and worked on my blog. After her nap I trimmed her nails and we relaxed on the couch together for a while, with the window open and a nice breeze blowing in. We both even took another short nap before daddy arrived home from work!
I'm really going to miss spending every day with my little peanut when I go back to work. :( It's too soon!!



  1. Glad you've gotten yourselves those moments of rest, which spas can give like no other. It's always great for easing stress and whatnot and should surely be a family thing. A perfect thing to build within your premises and homes as well. Take care!

    Joanne Henry @ Tranquility Pools, Inc.


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