Goodbye cute little kicks and rolls....

Hello, full body slams and stretches!
Seriously, I used to joke about her late night aerobics times and thought her movements were the most adorable thing ever. Don't get me wrong, I still love feeling her tumble around in there, but lately it's turned into wrestling hour with my organs several times a day! I usually pat or rub my tummy to calm her down and sometimes it feels like she tries snuggling right up to the warmth of my hand. Other times it seems as if she is on strike and is trying to bust out through my belly button.

I've hit the 6.5 hour mark.
This is about how long I am at work before my kickboxing little roo starts to wear me out. Again, totally cute, but severely exhausting when it's all day, every day. I have to really focus and keep busy at work in this last hour and a half to two hours or I start spacing out and becoming very unproductive. :(

Baby hiccups! Aren't they just the cutest thing ever?
I sort of feel bad for her when she has them because they seem to go on forever (10-15 minutes). But they always bring the biggest smile to my face. No matter what I'm doing, I'm instantly happy and try to carry on like nothing's happening but I'm grinning like a huge idiot the whole time. To me they feel like I have hiccups in my crotch, which is super awkward at first but I have learned to love it and I know in two months I'll miss it. I'm also told that where I feel her hiccups is where her head is, so I guess it's a good thing I feel them down there since I need her to stay head down to prepare for birth. I know we still have nine weeks but I am kind of paranoid about going into labor with a breech baby. I'm trying to trust her though and believe she will know when the right time is to turn and drop.

That's it for now. I hope you enjoyed my Monday night ramblings.....!



  1. I love it, this is what you put yo momma thru when she was carrying you. Gotta love my grandbaby YOU GO GIRL give yo momma all you got. lots of love. grammy had awful hiccups last evening and I hardly ever get hiccups not any that last awhile like last evening. Geesh ox lots of love

    1. Aww you two were channeling each other through hiccups! She had them probably around 8 o'clock. Maybe she was letting you know she had them lol


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