27 week update | The last week of my second trimester

This week has been so crazy! It's like my little bump knew this was the last week of our second trimester and was like "Okay let's teach mum a lesson for getting comfy for the past 6 months!" Seriously, I feel like my body is just now entering pregnancy mode. I started getting pelvic pains this week when doing random activities. Like after walking for too long, standing on one foot to put my socks or pants on, lowering myself into the car when one foot is in and one is out, stepping into the shower...! And (not that this is a lot) but I have started going to the bathroom 2-3 times a day in an 8 hour shift--I literally used to go only once or not at all at work. Twice this week I woke up in the middle of the night to pee and twice it took me an hour to get to sleep (once when I initially went to sleep and once after waking up to pee). And today at work I kept having a weird discomfort in my abdomen while my stomach was getting really hard. It lasted like 15-20 minutes and was so uncomfortable because I was bagging groceries and bending over to pick up baskets the whole time! Lastly, I basically never stop eating. Ever. So- yes baby, I know you are there, now go back to being nice to mum!!

Sprout is the size of a head of cauliflower this week!

How far along? 27 weeks.
Total weight gain? 16-17 pounds.
Belly size? I didn't get to measure myself today, but I'd guess around 37 inches.
Stretch marks? None.
Baby's sex? Girl.
Size of baby? 2 lbs and 14 1/2 inches long!
Movement? Like crazy!
What is your baby doing? She sleeps and wakes at regular intervals now. Her brain is becoming much more active, and she is prone to getting hiccups!
What is your body doing? Apparently I should be expecting increasing back pain and leg cramps around now. I'll let you know how that goes..
Belly button in or out? So far, still flat.
Happy or moody most of the time? Excited!
Symptoms? Some pelvic pain and abdominal discomfort.
Maternity clothes? I'll be ready for 'em soon!
Sleep? No complaints, yet.
Food cravings? Ice cream.
Anything make you feel queasy or sick? No.
Miss anything? Going on cart runs at work. I'd like to get outside once in a while!
Looking forward to? Finding a new place to live. *sigh* And taking a HOT bath.
Best moment this week? Finishing the second piece (2of6) of one of my projects for sprout's nursery. Also making it more than halfway through a second little craft for her nursery, receiving the main piece for my third project in the mail, and thinking up a few more ideas! I can't wait to complete these and take pictures to post them. :)



  1. its crazy isnt it that we are finally at our third trimester :D oh and i know exactly how you feel with all these toilet runs! and pelvic painnns oh dont get me started, hah i had to ask my friend to help tie my converses yesterday! awkward.


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