I'm pregnant!

i'm pregnant

Today I went to an urgent care facility in Norwood, MA for a completely unrelated issue and ended up finding out that I am pregnant! That sure explains the moodiness, my one day period last month, and all of the tenderness in my chest.

I have mixed feelings. I didn't plan this, so I am scared. I feel unprepared and inadequate to take on this responsibility. But I must be excited deep down because I have been googling anything and everything related to pregnancy all day. From "can my doctor be wrong?", to ultrasound pictures of eleven weeks, to blogs and vlogs of other pregnant women. The fact that I decided to make this blog already is also a small indication of excitement, I suppose...?

I hope to schedule a prenatal appointment soon to absolutely confirm that I am pregnant and find out more about what happens next. I haven't decided where to go yet. Maybe Norwood Hospital? That is where the urgent care facility recommended I begin. I also don't know how to tell anyone. For now, you are my own little secret.

My most curious thought at the moment: if you're really in there, how old are you? I'm still scared that you're there, but I secretly hope that you're there. <3



  1. i was exactly the same. so confused about how to feel but look how excited we are now :) x


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