Liana fell off the bed.

I always thought I'd be writing about something much more glamorous for my 100th blog post, but well, this is the real Mummy life.

We have a queen size bed with two huge fluffy comforters on it and Liana was lying on her back near the head of the bed, surrounded by three pillows. I went downstairs (only a half flight, literally six stairs) to grab my glass of water I forgot on the counter.

Then I heard it. The "crash" from upstairs. I was worried, but not that it was her. I left my cell phone and camera on the bed as well and I thought she had gotten a hold of one and thrown it. Well, I was wrong.

I flew upstairs (forgetting my glass of water again) to find Liana laying on the floor at the foot of the bed just staring up at me, smiling. She was playing with the baby pumpkins she had painted last week and was rolling and throwing them around. So that was the noise I heard.

I am still completely baffled at how she managed to make it to the foot of the bed, roll off onto three pumpkins on the floor, and not have hurt herself. ???

I picked her up and did quite the Mummy inspection, feeling her head and undressing her to check for bruises or scrapes. She was giving me the serious face like, "Mum, what the hell are you doing? I just want to play with the pumpkins."

She doesn't seem hurt at all, but she sure is getting some extra cuddles and treats today (I gave her a strawberry earlier and later on she will be getting some peas and then apples).

My baby is secretly mobile, yikes!



  1. I think all babies fall off the bed one time in their little lives. My Mom tells us that when my sister was a baby, she fell off the bed into the garbage can. LOL!


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