Five months with Liana Ruby.

There is nothing in the world that compares to a mother's love for her child. I have spent hours upon hours watching my baby girl sleep, playing with her tiny toes, and kissing her mini-me nose. From the moment she was born, I thought she was perfect. I watch Liana play and wonder what she will want to be when she grows up. The possibilities for her future are endless.

Since last month's update Liana has worked on sitting up, moving around on the floor, bouncing in her jumper, growing two teeth, gaining a pound and a half, sleeping in her own room, and trying her first taste of solid food! So much has happened this past month and Liana has grown an incredible amount.

I was so anxious and a bit sad the first night Ashton put Liana down to sleep in her own room. I was used to her being less than three feet away from me in her bassinet, and now she is in a different room. I slept very lightly the first night and woke up to any break in static on the baby monitor. Liana did so well with the transition though, and now she is in there every night.

Liana's first taste of solid food was a bit of pureed strawberry that I let her try when I was making a smoothie. She seemed to like it, so a few days later I mashed up the end of a banana to feed her, but... that didn't go over so well. She made the worst face I've ever seen. I couldn't tell if she didn't like the taste or just wasn't used to the consistency. I tried mashed banana again the next day and about a week later, but she made the same icky face each time.

Did I mention that Liana has her two bottom teeth? Yup! I actually thought the teething process would last a bit longer, but she's getting through it like a champ! One day when she was being particularly fussy, I noticed two white lines under her gums where her front bottom teeth would be. She spent the next few days excessively drooling and and being extra fussy before nap time. Within a week, her first tooth (bottom right) broke through and about a week later her second tooth (bottom left) broke through, and now they are coming in fast. She doesn't seem to be as cranky or sore as when they were first coming in though. I love it when she smiles or laughs and shows them off. :)



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