Day with Grammy and Auntie Deasha!



My mom and sister came to visit and spend the day with us on Monday. Liana was so excited! She insisted on wearing her adorable little flower dress that she finally fits into so she could show off for her Auntie Deasha.

We had a nice chatty girl's afternoon, playing with Liana and eating some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before heading out to the Freetown-Fall River State Forest. It was our first time at this particular park, so we didn't know what to expect. We found a lot of hiking trails, which I was excited about, but they are not stroller friendly! I would love to return there for a mini hike with Liana in her carrier and to bring her to the wading pool. I'm sure she would love the water and seeing the other kids playing.

After a failed attempt at one of the hiking trails, we walked around the perimeter of the picnic area and found a nice shady table to feed Liana before packing up to go home.

Lastly, we fit in the inevitable photoshoot of Liana and Auntie Deasha!

It was such a beautiful day for them to visit and I'm glad they got to spend time with Liana. I want her to grow up spending a lot of time with her family because you never realize how important family is until you're grown up. 

Obviously kids will be kids, but knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have complained about going to family gatherings and would have soaked up all the time I could with my cousins. We're over a hundred miles away from most of my family and recently I've been really feeling it. I miss my family and hope to be closer to them some day.




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