Liana's one month update!

My little roo is one month old today!

She is still a little peanut but being her mum, I can see how much she has really grown. I see the differences in her facial features, the size of her hands and feet, how her movements and sounds have changed, and her new responses to light and sound. She is up to 8lbs now (she's gained over 2lbs!). It's amazing to me to think that babies are actually born the size she is right now at one month!

Liana is now into a regular pattern of eating four ounces every three hours during the day and every four to six hours during the night, for a total of seven meals in a 24-hour period. She usually sleeps well between her night feedings and is beginning to stay awake longer during the day. For the first two weeks, she wouldn't sleep anywhere for longer than a half hour if she wasn't close to me. I had to co-sleep with her every night, which I loved, but got exhausting going into weeks three and four. We tried different places to lay her down (her bassinet, her bouncer, and the portable cradle on the pack 'n play), and figured out she likes the snugness of the portable cradle enough to sleep in it for a few hours at a time. I've slowly been moving her to the cradle each time she falls asleep and now she successfully sleeps in it all night, besides waking up to eat and be changed. Yay!

Liana's absolute favorite thing in the world (besides mummy and daddy) is water! If she is fussy or crying for a reason we can't figure out, we put her in earshot of running water and 99% of the time she will stop crying and just listen to the water in wonder. She's such a curious little munchkin! She also thoroughly loves her shower time. She actually hasn't had a proper bath yet. I wrap her in a towel and set her in her bouncer in the bathroom while I shower. She is so content listening to the running water while I shower. Then when I am done I bring her in the shower with me and wash her up and play with her in the water. Then I set her back in her towel in the bouncer while I get out and get dressed and then get her dressed. Works like a charm every time and this has become our favorite time together.

A favorite of mine is babywearing. I am so happy that Liana loves both of her carriers. I've been using the moby wrap with her since she was two weeks old. She gets so comfy and relaxed in it that she usually just falls asleep, which lets me keep my hands free to do things around the house while also keeping her close to me. I love the feeling of closeness and knowing I can lean my head down and kiss her even while I'm doing laundry! We recently got an Evenflo carrier which Liana has also taken to pretty well. Her little legs dangle free so she enjoys being in it even when she is awake. I also really like that Ashton uses this carrier with her and we don't have to tote her around in her carseat and we don't have to bring her stroller everywhere.

I've noticed that she is slowly finding her hands and feet and realizing that they are attached to her body. I can't wait until she starts really grabbing at things, which I don't think actually happens until around four months. I also can't wait until she starts really smiling on her own. She smiles a lot right now, but they are just reflex smiles. Based on the reactions I get when we play together, I feel like smiling is right around the corner for miss Liana. There will definitely be a video posted for that day!

*Liana and I want to send a special thank you to Grammy for crocheting the cute little owl hat and shoes she is wearing. Liana looks so adorable in them, I couldn't resist taking a million pictures of her! ♥



  1. Grammy very much enjoys making things for such a sweet perfect little sugarbaby. She does look very cute. Love her right up. <3

  2. You're obviously doing an amazing job, well done!xx

    1. Oh, thank you! Being a mum is by far my favorite job ever!


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