Baby's first vaccines!

This week has been.... let's just say, "horrendous". And there's still half of the week left. I'm not one to post negativity on my blog, but I suppose I'll tell it like it is.

I've had planned for several weeks that this Monday was to be my first day back at work and I spent a lot of time in my head preparing myself. We picked out a day care and took a little tour and everything was to be all set on that end. I knew I'd be upset when I left Liana for the first time, especially her being in someone else's care. I had to keep reassuring myself that these people are trained professionals and that nothing was going to happen to her. But I was still working myself up with pre-separation anxiety. I wondered if Liana was feeling the same way.

Monday came and Ashton went off to work in the morning as usual. Due to some (partially) unforeseen circumstances, Liana, however, did not go to day care. I brought her to work with me around noon and Ashton took a half day from work and met up with me to pick up Liana. Things were not going as planned. I hate to admit I was slightly relieved knowing that Liana would be home with her daddy while I was at work. Of course three hours into my shift I took a break and still called home to check up on her. I missed her so much. She will be in day care soon and I know I'll miss her even more. I just hope she doesn't get separation anxiety from me too badly. :(

Also while "unenjoying" my first day back at work, something else completely unexpected happened to me. How do I put this lightly...? My first set of ... monthly lady problems ... since I got pregnant decided to peek in on me and see how I was doing. I tried to tell her I was delighted by her ten month absence and that she could continue her vacation for a little longer, but she insisted on staying. Maybe some of you have experienced this, but for those women who haven't and men that never will, let me tell you about one thing in life that can cause more pain than childbirth. I had read about and heard from a friend that your first menstrual cycle after giving birth can be a little shocking and pretty awful. I was so naive thinking "how bad can it be?" THE WORST. The heaviest and most painful I have ever experienced! I was literally bending over in pain. It was embarrassing enough to have this happen at work, but then I had to pretend like it wasn't happening. I had a terrible night of sleep due to the cramps and the next morning I couldn't wait to take a hot shower (hot showers have always helped with my cramps, I think this is why I wanted the tub when I was in labor!). I woke up and I think Ashton was a little disturbed by my state and quickly offered to go out and get me any kind of medicine. Yes, please! So now I know what to expect (and to dread) next time. And so do any of you planning for your first child. Don't do it!! No, I am kidding, I would definitely do it again to be blessed with such a beautiful baby. But honestly, I felt like my body was being sneaky for ten months making me think I was getting off scot-free, and then got a good laugh when it threw this on my plate my first day back at work. Ha. Ha. (Note the sarcasm.)

Later on Tuesday I was feeling a little better due to the meds, but then something ELSE happened on my way to work. I think it was an allergic reaction to the pollen or maybe something got in my eye, but whatever it was made the bottom of my left eye swell up like a balloon! I had about an hour drive to work and I could only half see out of my left eye. Day number two back to work wasn't looking any better than day number one. Long story short, the swelling didn't start going down until half way through the day and wasn't completely gone until the next morning. I spent yet another day being embarrassed because several new employees started working while I was on leave and I had to meet them looking like I got stung in the face by a bee. I had to tell everyone I talked to right away that I was allergic to the pollen or something so they didn't think my eye always looked like that! Eww. Needless to say I spent most of the day avoiding eye contact with co-workers and failing to avoid customers.

Wednesday came and it was time for another trip to see Liana's pediatrician. Baby girl is up to 10 lbs, 4oz! I have to mention that I should be given an award for often guessing her weight so accurately. Ashton guessed 11 lbs (he always thinks she's a fatty), and I guessed 10-4! I think to be exact she was 10-4.4. Today was the day I had to watch Liana get her first round of infant vaccines. I turned around and picked up my phone to distract myself as Ashton held Liana and the needles were being prepared. I think I actually tweeted about it at that moment... I turned back around just in time to see her getting the third injection and getting cute little band aids on them. Liana let out a cry and Ashton immediately scooped her up to console her. I had tears in my eyes and was afraid I'd start balling. But Liana was quite the little trooper! Literally only a few moments of tears and she was over it! She did amazingly and it made me feel so much better--no actual tears fell from my eyes either. Yay, no need for the embarrassment, haha.

Sorry for the blurry picture, she really is quite the squirmer! She had to drink one of the vaccines and the other three were in her legs, as you can see two band aids in the picture.

I really hope the second half of this week is better than the first. I'm guessing it will be since it involves a pay check and a wedding! :)



  1. What a start to a new week, wow hunny looks like the worst is over and good will happen the rest of the week. She is such a sweet little perfect baby. I miss her lots, shots are sad. You girls think I tear up now that you are grown up you should of seen me when you girls had your hooo sad face..lotsa love


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