Secret revealed?

I told Desiree (my older sister) earlier tonight that I might be pregnant. I know a doctor has already told me that I am, I just don't feel pregnant. I had no idea what her reaction would be, but I showed her the papers from the urgent care facility and nearly crapped my pants when she just stared at the paper and didn't say anything. But as soon as she read it, her face lit up. She was actually really happy for me and I was so relieved. She squealed a little and hugged me and congratulated me, as long as I was happy about it. I still have mixed feelings, but yes, I think I am happy. Desiree even asked if I started taking vitamins or anything yet. I haven't, especially since I only found out two days ago and haven't had a proper doctor appointment yet, but it is so cute how concerned and interested she is already. I am so glad to have one person to share my secret with.

I have so far failed at setting up a primary care. I am just so exhausted with calling people only to tell me that I won't be fit in for an appointment for a few months. I guess this is a downfall of living in the city? But I am determined. I have to at least know how far along I am and I also haven't had a physical exam in years.

All I am hoping is that if I do have someone tiny inside of me, I hope she is healthy.



  1. This was really sweet of you to write about me here. I love it and I LOVE YOU! I'll be here for you no matter what and whenever you need me. I'm so happy your happy about this. You will make a great Mom. :-)
    Love you so much Danielle. <3
    p.s., thank you for making me and Aunt!


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