The Mummy Tag!

I had been tagged to do this by a few other Mum's way back, but I completely forgot about it until now! So here's a bit about me through the Mummy tag. :)

1. Are you a Stay at Home Mum, or a Working Mum?
I'm a working Mum, wishing I could stay at home more. I do work full time (37 hours), but am thankful to only have to work four days per week. I get to spend three days home with my peanut!

2. Would you have it any other way?
I actually really like to have a job and be working, I think if I were to stay at home I would become a hermit! Working gets me out of the house, socializing, and having a little separation from Liana that will help with any separation anxiety. I am torn though, because I do wish I could spend more time with her.

3. Do you co-sleep?
I did for the first two months of Liana's life. I loved it actually. I started putting her down in her cuddle cove and eventually her bassinet only because I didn't want to be co-sleeping when I started working again. It worked out really well and by the time I went back to work (I only had 9 weeks of maternity leave) Liana was already sleeping through the night.

4. What is your one must-have item for your baby?
My 'must-have' item has changed a few times over the past seven months. For the first four months I would have definitely said our carrier, specifically the Moby wrap. Then I think it changed to the toys that first taught her to play independently, like her play gym and then exersaucer. Overall though, no matter what her age, the one must-have item for every Mum should be a camera to capture those moments that will fly by all too quickly.

5. How many kids do you plan on having?
I definitely want two. A third will be a possibility when we get to that point, but two is what I am planning for. I've also said that the only way I'd have four is if the third pregnancy turned out to be twins!

6. Date nights? How often do you have them? 
Not too often, I'm afraid. Ashton and I work pretty opposite schedules (he works M-F 8:30a-4:30p and I work varying times from 7:30a-9:30p on two weekdays and both Sat/Sun) and the only time we are guaranteed to see each other is after 6pm on the three weekdays that I do not work. Or when we take time off for holidays, at which point we spend three hours driving to New Hampshire to see my family. I think a nice date night would be a lovely Christmas gift this year! *Hint hint, Ashton*

7. Your child's favourite show?
Liana used to love watching Top Gear with Daddy, but I sort of stepped in and said she shouldn't be watching TV. I'm not sure how much TV she watches when she spends days with Ashton, but when I am home with her the TV isn't really on that often. I've also noticed that she isn't as interested in it anymore.

8. Name one thing you bought before you had the baby and never ended up using?
Pacifiers. At first I was boycotting them and wouldn't even offer her one until she was three weeks old. By that point, she was never interested even when we tried several times to get her to take one. Fine by us though since she isn't really a whiny baby and tends to soothe herself easily without one.

9. Your child's favourite food?
Besides formula? Probably her veggie rice rusks. She likes food she can hold onto better than purees.

10. How many cars does your family have?
Two, since we both drive to work.

11. Weight gain, before pregnancy, during, after and now?
My pre-pregnancy weight was 119 lbs, I gained 28 lbs - up to 147 lbs, and post-pregnancy I lost 20 lbs and I now weigh 127 lbs. I weigh 8 lbs more than before, but I am happy with it and am not trying to lose the rest.

12. Dream holiday with your kids? 
Probably a trip to Disney when she's a bit older!

13. Dream holiday without your kids?
Finally visiting Puerto Rico, or going back to Hawaii again, although I would definitely want to bring Liana to Hawaii when she is older. Maybe her 21st birthday! (That is the first time I visited).

14. How has your life changed since having kids?
 I still have the same job and work the same amount of hours and have the same friends. But everything I do is with Liana in mind. My whole blog is dedicated to my experience being her Mum! I am constantly thinking about activities I can do with her and places I can take her. She has also makes me realize the true value of family and makes me miss my family more often.

15. Finish the sentence "It makes heart melt when..."
Liana smiles at me. It's so cheesy, but true. Even at seven months old, it is what I love the most.

16. Where do you shop for your kids? 
I got so much stuff at my baby shower that I hadn't really shopped for Liana until very recently. I've gotten toys and a few other items from Walmart, a bunch of clothes for Christmas form Macy's, and a few toys for Christmas from Babies R Us.

17. Favourite make-up and skincare products?
I love the Earth Science almond facial moisturizer. Most of my make-up is by Mineral Fusion, but I did recently score some Pacifica lip tints. And I will forever have a crush on the "none of your beeswax" lip tins from Lush.

18. Huggies or Pampers?
In the beginning, Liana would always leak in Huggies, but she has been okay for the past few months in them. I think I still prefer Pampers though. I'm currently love the cruisers!

19. Have you always wanted kids?

20. Best part of being a mum?
Having a sense of pride and purpose every single day. Watching all of the extraordinary things my baby does as she grows and knowing that I created her. Of course there is also the perk of being a member of the exclusive Mummy club!

I'll tag any other Mum out there who wants to participate! Leave a link to your tag post in the comments and I'll be sure to check it out. :)



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