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Many bloggers participate in a fun little challenge called "blogmas", which means we blog every single day in December. I did not participate last year, as my blog was only three months old, and I am not sure if I will have the time to do so this year. I am already beating myself up about how infrequently I am able to post, however, I am going to take on the challenge anyway and see how far I get.

For my first December post, I decided to make it a bit Christmasy, as well as do a little bit of self promotion. I've been scouring pinterest any time I get a free moment and have been pinning fun Christmasy things like crazy. I am feeling very festive a little early this year since it is Liana's first Christmas and I want it to be a memorable one. I thought I'd share a few pinterest inspired ideas with you all. (Also, be sure to follow me on pinterest for more holiday updates!)

1. Stocking stuffers for babies. This was an automatic re-pin for sure. Click through for fifteen great ideas for what to put in a baby's stocking. (Liana will be getting a few of these!)
2. Christmas crafts for baby. How cute are these? I'd love to do this to keep as a memory of Liana's first Christmas, as well as make a few to give to close family.

3. Unique gift wrapping. These are shown as packaging for cookies, but I think they'd make decent packaging for small children's toys as well since kids have small hands to reach to the bottom and they would probably enjoy shaking it before unwrapping to guess what it is!

4. Handmade ornaments. This is such a cute idea for a Christmas tree ornament. I would think of Liana's "birth day" every time I looked at it. I think it would also be cute to make one each year with new memories in each one. Maybe as the child gets older, let them choose what they want in their "memory ornament".

5. Photographs of the Christmas season. Being a Mum and being a blogger means there is not one single moment that I would want to miss. Here are just a few ideas on ways to capture your Christmas. I've pinned a few other posts as well.

6. Holiday themed treats. This pin has 31 super simple ideas to satisfy your craving for Christmasy snacking. In case you're wondering, no these are not vegan treats, although if I were to make any of them I would substitute ingredients to make them vegan.

7. Family traditions. Creating family traditions is something that is really important to me. My favorite part about Christmas as a kid was when we all opened up one present on Christmas Eve and it was always new pajamas! (Another tradition that my sisters and I created was waking up, scrambling to the living room, emptying out our stockings and then stuffing everything back in before waking our Mom). I'd love to start a tradition like the one pictured above: wrapping 25 children's books and opening one each day in December to read to the kids before bed.

~ ~ ~
I will definitely be thinking up and pinning more ideas the closer we get to Christmas. Let's hope I put some of these thoughts into action! Check out more ideas on my Christmas board:

What traditions does your family share? What is your favorite holiday treat? What activities do you do with your kids during the holiday season?



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