35 weeks. Time is flying!

Okay so I admit, my blog has been pretty boring lately, since my last three posts have only been my weekly updates. We have been so busy with the move and I have added a few extra hours to my work week.... still! But alas, we are all moved in to our new home (although we are still unpacking). I love it here so much, so far. We have neat little ledges that go along the entire wall in the living room and both bedrooms. I would love to have lots of pictures and decorations (maybe candles too!) on the one in the living room. And I hope to have Roo's books on the one in her room, among other things. Currently baby's room is set up as storage area because we don't have a lot of her things yet (baby shower is March 29th!) and we're still setting up the rest of the rooms, so in the meantime everything left over is in there. I'll be sure to make another post soon about the updates to our new place along with some pictures when we are done unpacking. But for now, here's my.....

35 week update!

Little Roo is the size of a honeydew melon!

How far along? 35 weeks.
Total weight gain? 26 lbs.
Belly size? I found my measuring tape! I'm sad to report that this is probably the last week I can use it though. I measured 39 inches around and my measuring tape is only 39 inches long.... lol.
Stretch marks? Same as last week.
Baby's sex? I definitely hope she's still a girl.
Size of baby? On average, just over 5 lbs.
Movement? I can feel her feet kicking under my ribs on the left side now. Before this her movements were consistently felt along the entire right side of my belly, but since she has less room to wiggle around, I feel her everywhere. Knowing she is kicking under my ribs makes me happy because she is surely to still be head down like last week, so I don't care what side she kicks me on!
What is your baby doing? She is getting a little snug in the womb as she is filling out and getting plump. Her kidneys are fully developed and her tiny liver can process some kinds of waste. Most of her development is complete and now she'll spend a lot of time just putting on weight! (yay for me... lol)
What is your body doing? My uterus now extends all the way up to my ribs and is filled with amniotic fluid to protect my little one. This also means it is crowding my other organs and can cause me to pee more frequently (not yet!), heartburn (oh yes, I experienced heartburn for the first time at work on Sunday), and gastrointestinal distress (I hope not!).
Belly button in or out? It is still flat!! Maybe she won't make it pop out after all.
Happy or moody most of the time? So excited! The baby shower is coming up and then we can set up baby's room!!!!!!
Symptoms? While the Braxton Hicks has given it a rest this week, I most definitely had heartburn on Sunday. I noticed it was after I drank orange juice fortified with calcium. No other orange juice has affected me that way (and I drink it almost daily now), so I am definitely staying away from the ones with added calcium! Also, ligament pains on different parts of my belly. One day it was the top and the next it was the bottom left side. I feel like I'm never going to stop expanding!
Maternity clothes? I think I will be needing some soon. Shirts anyway. Or I will be wearing the ones I have a whole lot more often.
Sleep? The same as always. I woke up a few nights this week due to coughing fits brought on by my cold, but that is pretty much gone now.
Food cravings? Okay so weird, I REALLY wanted a burrito yesterday at work and was going to buy one for lunch but decided not to spend the money on it. I got home later and Ashton had burritos planned for dinner!! He's the best, lucky me!!
Anything make you feel queasy or sick? No.
Miss anything? Once again, hot showers. I took my first shower in our new place after we moved in and I was so happy that it got warm and stayed warm. I admit, I was in there for quite a while enjoying myself but I miss being able to turn it really hot lol. I'll have to wait until I'm not in danger of boiling my baby.
Looking forward to? Our (sort of) babymoon! Hehe. Our last time going out together before our Little Roo is born will probably be this weekend. Although we will be at an anime convention in Boston and it won't exactly be "alone time", I can't think of anywhere I'd rather go or anyone I'd rather go with than Ashton. So this weekend should be filled with lots of fun, maybe splurging on something expensive, and all things geeky!! I hope I don't get tired of being on my feet for two days straight (I shouldn't since I do it at work everyday) or get stuck somewhere when I really need a restroom!
Best moment this week? Moving!!! Of course I wouldn't have been able to help so I was actually relieved that I spent the day at work and didn't have to stand around looking like a helpless kitten. Although, I would have liked to hang out with my Mom again. I can't wait to get everything set up the way we want it and just enjoy being in our new home, and preparing for the arrival of our little one.

I will hopefully be posting more this week as there are plenty of things I am dying to update about! I hope to see you soon!



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