Staying productive!

This munchkin has apparently been wiping my body out and allowing me to sleep 9 or more hours a night; I can't stand it! I think it is the growth spurt that she's going through but I literally cannot wake up. I know I shouldn't be complaining, I should probably be grateful for all the rest I get and that I don't wake up at all to use the bathroom or have insomnia or something. But when I finally do get up I feel like such a bum and like I could have gotten so much done in the few extra hours of sleep that I got!

So this morning I really wanted to be a bit more productive:
- I called my Maternity nurse and left a message for the second time (we literally keep missing each other somehow). Hopefully she calls back tomorrow afternoon or on Friday for our appointment.
- I signed Ashton and I up for a tour of the maternity ward at Brigham and Women's on Monday night! Yay, I am so excited to visit the hospital and this will probably be the point that I let them know I plan on delivering there so they will expect me, teehehe.
- I also registered for two more classes at B&W at the end of the month: Breastfeeding Basics and Infant Care and Behavior. Ashton can't make either of these classes but I registered anyway since they are the only ones that weren't full and I'm going to keep an eye out for the March events calendar so maybe I can switch the Infant care class to a time that Ashton can make as well.
- Another thing I decided was that I probably won't get the Tdap vaccine now or after birth. Please don't scold me on this. I'm just not really big on vaccines and am going for an entirely natural pregnancy and childbirth as much as possible. :)

Well, that is all for now! Next on my list is researching hypnobirthing and other natural labor and childbirth techniques. Wish me luck! Haha.



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