Maternity Support.

I had my first maternity support appointment today and now have a lot of things to think about! The maternity nurse asked a lot of questions and went through a checklist of things that I should be thinking about at this stage in my pregnancy. There is so much to learn and remember and do, it's mind boggling! At first it was just a lot of intro questions about my health and my pregnancy that my doctor and midwife have also asked. Then she got me thinking about all kinds of things: scheduling a trip to the hospital to tour the maternity ward, creating a birth plan (which in itself gives me a million things to think about!), planning my maternity leave from work, infant immunizations, making a trip to the dentist, signing up for classes (labor & delivery, breastfeeding, childcare, infant health and safety), scheduling a glucose screening..... and the list goes on. Seriously, my brain was wiped out!

I did make a list of goals after we got off the phone though:
1) exercise for at least 20 minutes a day
2) make a dentist appointment
3) drink even more water and add cranberry juice to my diet
4) google TDAP because that is the next immunization my doctor/midwife will ask if I want (between 27-36 weeks)

My welcome packet with the samples and books should arrive in a few short weeks and my next maternity support appointment will be during my 28th week of pregnancy. I will probably ask Elizabeth during my next appointment about the TDAP and glucose screening and get her opinion.

The maternity nurse also expressed her concern about me not having gotten the flu shot. Oh, well. Overall, I'm glad I took advantage of this program because every little bit of information helps!



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