Prenatal appointments.

This morning I set up a primary care physician, chose an OB/GYN and scheduled several appointments. My first appointment is next friday, October 4th with a midwife, Elizabeth Kettyle, for an initial appointment, which I am told is the longest, about an hour! I'm so so nervous, but also can't wait. 9 days away! It seems like forever away right now. If all goes well with that appointment, my second one is scheduled for October 24 with Dr. Cristina Diaz and should only be about 15-20 minutes. Usually the second appointment is about a month after the first but the woman I spoke with in the OB department said I might be a few weeks further along than I think and I can always push back the date of the appointment depending on what I find out in my first appointment. (If I am further along than I think, the beginning of this has been a breeze!) I decided to go with Dedham Medical Associates for my OB/GYN since they have been the most helpful of all the places that I've called.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that I finally have scheduled appointments. But now I am just super anxious about them. I am excited and terrified of my first appointment already. I hope the baby is okay.



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